For The Foxes
For The Foxes (more info)
  • Label: Hopeless Records
  • Label Type: indie
  • About:
    Recent Hopeless Records signees, For The Foxes have been delivering their own unique brand of pop rock ever since their inception in 2007. Embracing elements from the eighties as well as modern artists, the Jersey natives have been making waves touring the country and releasing songs prefacing the release of their Hopeless Records debut due in 2012
  • Members:
    Nick Dungo - Singer
    Jimmy Brindley - Guitar
    Danny Vassallo - Drums
    Mikey Ballou - guitar
    Jonathan Brunner - Bass
  • Influences: The strokes, Rod Stewart, The Format, Smashing pumpkins, The Killers
  • Sounds Like: awesomesauce
  • Member Since: 1969-12-31

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